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About Me

I graduated as an economist in 2003, for a short period of time I worked in Hungary, then in the UK for 2,5 years. After that I started working for a multinational company in Budapest. During the years I have spent with the company I got promoted a couple of times and I became responsible for the personal and professional wellbeing of more and more colleagues. Even within the limited framework of the “multi world” I tried to consider the human aspect of professional decisions. I volunteered for the Hungarian SeriousFun Camp (Bátortábor) where I realised how uplifting it is to help others, especially kids.

After 7 years I quit the “multi world” and went on working for a public benefit association.

Yet my own “nonwellbeing” led me to kinesiology. I was 31 when I first questioned the validity of my continuous headaches. A lot of healing sessions followed the first cathartic one, and as of 2017 I have been studying the method.

Kinesiology-HLOL - Orshi Vojnarovics

Kinesiology restores the option and power of a choice. I would like to help children and people live through their past grievances, difficulties or even luck easier and stress-free.

Past events cannot be changed but we can consider them in a different light – that is what I can help with.

I firmly believe that we can challenge the status quo of our lives and have the right to live without fear and pain.


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