The One Brain® (kinesiology) method is a new and unique technique managing stress and conserving the health of mind and body. Kinesiology looks for the cause of symptoms by testing muscle (eg muscles of the upper arm) response (biofeedback).

The name is based on the operational discipline of the brain that states that the left and right hemispheres of the brain are responsible for different areas of our lives. Under emotional stress our brain does not work with full capacity. The left hemisphere of the brain switches to panic mode, aka fight or flight, and the intuitive and creative problem solving right hemisphere of the brain is not available.

When stress passes we are able to operate efficiently and in a well-balanced way again since both logic of the left hemisphere and creativity of the right hemisphere are available together.

This balance gets restored during a kinesiology session.

If you don’t sleep well, worry about something all the time or experience pain in your knees or back, perhaps have food allergies, you are always on a diet with no result, your libido is at an all time low, you are constantly obsessing over ancient grievances (=stress or stressors) then kinesiology could help you get rid of those symptoms, without medication.

Kinesiology can also help with: dealing with the emotional effects of accidents, divorce, school change, deaths and traumatic experiences, musculoskeletal problems, hormone problems, asthma, learning difficulties, skin diseases ... and the list is far from complete.

Kinesiology doesn't heal. Kinesiology transforms the negative emotional source of the symptom into a positive emotional state to start the process of self-healing.

Yet my own “nonwellbeing” led me to kinesiology. I was 31 when I first questioned the validity of my continuous headaches.

A lot of healing sessions followed the first cathartic one, and as of 2017 I have been studying the method.

Kinesiology - Hlol
Gordon Stokes

(1929 – 2006)

Gordon infused the One Brain® method with everything that peaked his interest throughout his lifetime.

Daniel Whiteside

(1933 – 2013)

Three In One Concepts into its present form - a multidimensional work, focused on the integration of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Candace Callaway

(1949 – 2005)

Candace Callaway joined Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside in 1983 as co-creator of Three In One Concepts.

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