Candace Callaway


(1949 – 2005)


Candace Callaway joined Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside in 1983 as co-creator of Three In One Concepts.

Candace Callaway's original role in the shaping of Three In One Concepts could be felt through the awareness and depth of perception associated with the One Brain® method and in the philosophy of Three In One Concepts.

Many may not have had the opportunity to meet Candace as she was most comfortable seeing clients and maintaining a low-profile at the office. However, without her balanced metaphysical perspective, illuminating insights and presence, Three In One Concepts would not be the multi-dimensional work it is today.

She will always be remembered and appreciated by Three In One Concepts for her partnership in the creation of the One Brain method and for her immense contribution to the original essential nature of Three In One Concepts' work and its foundation.

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